Hayco and I have just down loaded the demo for the mission pack and completed it (in `hard' mode) Here are our experiences:
The `list' with new game features:
  1. All your men can distract guards or patrols by throwing stones;
  2. All your men can distract a guard by throwing a pack of cigarettes to him (most guards will come to the pack to pick it up);
  3. The spy and the green beret can capture a guard by hand cuffing him;
  4. Your driver has a shot gun;
  5. The map is much larger than we have seen in any original mission.
Though the demo mission was great, most of the new features make a lot of jobs very easy. Each men has an unlimited amount of stones he can throw to distract guards. The spy and the green beret seem to have an unlimited amount of hand cuffs. This makes `knifing' or `giving a lethal injection' almost obsolete. In the demo mission, you have to capture a colonel and keep him alive, so there the hand cuffs are really needed. The driver has a shot gun, but we have not tested that throughly, because raising the alarm in the first area caused so many soldiers/patrols to come that we thought we would be faster by killing/hand cuffing some guards quiete. The shot gun has a larger range than the normal gun, and it kills a man with one shot. Throwing cigarettes to distract guards can be very useful.

One thing that seems to balance something is that we couldn't apply the `under shot' trick, since knifing a guard who was taking someone under shot meant raising the alarm. This made us feel like the old days when we began to play commandos, because we had to take most of the guards `one by one'.

One thing that was amusing at the beginning, but became annoying as we progressed through the mission was the whistling of the birds. We were glad when we discovered that the `silence mother nature' mode caused these birds to be quiete.
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We have made one screen shot.