Walkthroughs for `Commandos behind enemy lines'

I am fond of the game `Commandos behind enemy lines'. First, I went through all the missions, minding only my health bonus.
When I had finished that, I found another challenge: going through all the missions again with an additional goal: getting three health and three times bonus. In this page, I present how I have achieved this. If you want to know other things about commandos, you should consult some other pages (just follow one of the links below).

I must warn you!!  These descriptions are quite detailed, and if you haven't tried it for yourself, it might spoil the fun of doing the game yourself!! At least, the thing I liked most was to solve the new problems that were presented in each mission.

Since I have to make some screen shots, I have to do the job all over, so it can take a while before another mission walkthrough is presented here!

I want to thank my friend Hayco de Jong for introducing Commandos to me, for discussing tactics and strategedies for various missions and for his comments on these pages.

The walkthroughs

Sorry, the other missions have still not been completed; I had them up until mission 18, but after formatting my Windows partion (after it had refused to work properly for the I-forgot-how-many-times), without copying the walkthrough pictures, much work has been lost (yeah I know, I'm stupid, I should have made a backup first....) Anyway, have fun.

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