Mission 15: The end of the butcher

This mission is a bit critical, since raising the alarm when you're not ready yet for the butcher means the end of the mission. Therefore, you should be cautious, which does not mean you should waste any time.

Getting the uniform

Getting the uniform with your spy will enable you to move around while taking care of guards on nasty spots or distracting crucial patrols.

Round one

Have a look at this map. There is a patrol marching in front of your starting position (white encircled) that functions like a conductor indicating the beat for an orchestra: every time they move along, you should have achieved something. When they just pass your position, crawl your sniper to the point where he is now (he is green encircled) and crawl your spy a little westwards (he is yellow encircled). Now when the orange guard marches westwards, crawl towards him with your spy. When the red encircled guard moves eastwards (he will take your sniper under shot, we'll come back on him later), stand up, inject the orange encircled guard and hide his body to point X. If you do this quick enough from the start of the game, the blue encircled does not notice you. Now wait, because in the mean time, the red encircled guard will have been taking your sniper under shot, which will be noticed by the pink encircled guard. So just wait until this pink one joins in, select the scan view of the blue encircled guard (so you know when to run and when to crawl), inject the red and pink encircled guard and hide their bodies on your starting position. Don't forget to move your sniper back too, otherwise he will be spotted by the patrol. Now just wait until the patrol shows up again.

Round two

Have a look at this map. When the patrol passes your position for the second time, sneak behind their backs with your whole team (select the scan view of the blue encircled guard, since he might see you), inject the blue encircled guard (he will wait for a small time at the most southern point of his track) and hide his body in the building (where you've hidden the orange guard in the previous map). Now craw behind the yellow guard with your spy, and inject him when the red and pink encircled guard are walking eastwards (the pink one is hidden behind a tree on the picture) and hide his body at the bottom of the stairs. In the mean time, move your rest of your team behind the fence at spot X.

Round three

Have a look at this map. Hide your spy in the house (it is green ensquared) or, if you do not have enough time, hide him behind the fence too. You should be minding two patrols: the white encircled and the yellow ensquared. Now wait until the red guard walks away from you (westwards), and sneak behind his back and climb the ladder (white ensquared) and get the uniform. You can now eliminate the yellow, pink, blue and red encircled guard (don't forget to hide his body, for example, behind the fence). The order depends a little on the relative position of these guards (and the patrols). The yellow guard is in an ideal position now to be injected, though the orange encircled guard might see him. Use his scan view; once the body is down, he won't see it. If the pink encircled guard start marching away from his blue encircled colleague, inject the blue, distract the pink so he will see the body of the blue, and then inject the pink. Tread the red encircled guard with caution, since you must have enough time to hide his body for the patrols. When these four guards are done, move your sniper to the roof where the yellow encircled guard used to march (don't forget to crawl on the balcony). Take care, there are a few guards (especially the orange one) in the 'front yard' that might see him reaching the roof (as long as you're on the ladder, you're save (except for the yellow ensquared patrol). So climb it until you are near the roof, right click and use the scan view for your timing. You can also distract the orange guard, so you have one guard less to worry about)

Final preparations

Have a look at this map. There are two things to be done before you can strike the final accord: you have to deal with the red encircled guard, as well as with the blue, yellow and pink encircled ones (essentially, you only have to get rid of the yellow one, whose disposal will save you a lot of trouble when you're manoeuvring with the trucks, but he is hard to get on his own). The order in which you have to do the following two things depends a little on the position of the patrol(s), since they should not see you.

The red encircled guard

Run with your spy to where he is now (he is green encircled) and distract the red encircled when he is now (as close as possible to the gate, this will make shorten the distance you'll have to carry his body). Now wait until the patrol there moves away from him, inject him and move his body behind the wall (follow the red arrow). Beware of the tram!

The three other guards

(Take care that the patrols don't see you here!)
Run with your spy to the blue encircled guard and stand behind him. When the yellow guard marches away from you, and the pink encircled one is not too close by, inject him, distract the yellow encircled guard (if he has already spotted the body), inject him too. Now wait until the pink encircled guard sees the bodies; he will come to investigate, so you can inject him. Move the bodies to the white cross. If you do not put them close the corner, the patrol might eventually see them. While moving around with the bodies, take care that the SDKFZ 231 (the half track) does not see you.

The final accord

Have a look at this map. Run with your spy to the red encircled guard (your spy is green encircled). The trick is to inject the red encircled guard (mind the blue encircled patrol and the scan view of the white encircled guard; once the body is down, the patrol won't see it). The white guard will see the body and come to investigate, so you can inject him too.
Suddenly, I realise that it is easier to inject the white one first. I used to skip the injection of the previous three guards, in which case injecting the white one first might attract the pink encircled guard of the previous map. Skipping these three saves some time, but also involves a greater risk, since you have to be more careful when moving around with the trucks.
Anyway, send your spy to fountain, and distract the yellow ensquared patrol in such a way that your driver and marine can move behind their backs (and that your sniper will be able to climb down the ladder!), somewhere along the yellow arrow for example. If you start the trick when the yellow ensquared patrol is at the position where they are now, you have plenty of time.
Once the patrol is distracted, run with your marine and driver to the north of the village. Crawl with your driver close to the fuel-truck and wait until the blue encircled patrol marches away from you. Now drive the fuel-truck along the red arrow and park it on the tram track. When the tram hits the fuel-truck, it will exploded, causing the headquarters to be blown up. This counts as 'an accident', so nobody will complain. Needless to say, your driver should be on a save spot when this happens.
Crawl with your driver close to the escape truck. Use the scan view of the blue encircled patrol and drive it along the white arrow to the exit point. Send your marine also to it.
When the escape truck is in position, crawl your sniper a little closer to the edge of the roof and snipe the general (he is pink encircled) while taking care of the scan view of the yellow encircled guard (if he is a bother, snipe him too). Quickly crouch down, and climb the ladders and run to the escape truck. When your sniper is around the corner, run to the escape truck with your spy as well.
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