Mission 16: Stop wildfire

You should focus on getting your sniper on the bridge. Once he is there, you can get rid of four enemy sappers quite easily.


Have a look at this map. Send your spy to where he is now (he is green encircled), send your marine to the water and let him dive in the direction of the bridge (I'll come back on him later). Now manoeuvre your sniper the where he now (he is white encircled). This is a bit tricky; the pink encircled guard should be marching eastwards, then select the scan view of the red encircled guard, and when is starts looking away from you, run with your sniper where is his now. The red, black, blue and pink encircled guards will take your sniper under shot, as will the yellow ones later on. There is one tricky thing about the train: if the train arrives while the red encircled guard is taking your sniper under shot, he will start screaming and moving around. When the train leafs, he will take your sniper under shot again, but in a position where he can't be injected. If this happens, you might try to harpoon him with your marine. Anyway, inject the blue and red encircled guards (in this order) and hide their bodies (for example, where your spy is standing now). By this time, the yellow encircled guards will have joined the party (if not, just wait). Crouch down with your sniper; this will enable you to crawl with your spy along the green arrow and inject the remaining guards.

Getting the uniform

Have a look at this map. Run with your spy to the position where he is now (he is green encircled) and crawl with your sniper to the position where he is now (he is white encircled). In the mean while, use your marine (he is yellow encircled) to get rid of the red encircled guard (if he his ready, dive him to the island with the two enemy sappers). Sneak behind the backs of the pink encircled patrol (use the scan view of the last man) and get the uniform and run to the red ensquared guard. When the blue ensquared marches away from you, inject the red ensquared guard, distract the blue one (so he will go to the body of the red one) and inject him too. Snipe the whole blue encircled guard with your sniper.

Making an entrance to the bridge

Have a look at this map. Run with your spy to where he is now (he is green encircled) and distract the red encircled guard so he sees the blue encircled patrol (that's the one you've cleared with your sniper). If you sniped the patrol a bit further away, move one body to this point. When the red encircled sees the bodies, he will run to it, enabling you to inject him without being noticed. When he is down, you can apply the same trick with the pink encircled guard. Once his body is down, inject the red ensquared guard. Then inject the white encircled guard and hide his body at the red ensquared guards body. Before you inject the yellow encircled guard, be sure that the green and blue ensquared patrols don't see you; once they move away from you, quickly inject the yellow encircled guard and hide his body at the red ensquared guards body.

Bye bye, sappers

Have a look at this map. Now move your sniper to the bridge. Once he is on the bridge, let him crawl, since there are a lot of eyes pending on the bridge. Move your marine to where he is now (you can hardly see him, but he is yellow encircled), and leave your spy where he is (he is red ensquared). The trick is to snipe the sapper that in the scope of your sniper, then kill the two pink sappers with your marine (using your gun) and finally, inject the white encircled guard with your spy. There is one small complication: nobody, except for the sappers, should see you, otherwise things will mess up. Therefore, wait until the white ensquared patrol (on the other side of the river) marches away from you, select the scan view of red encircled guard and snipe the sapper when the red encircled guard is not looking at you; once the sapper is down, quickly crouch down. Come out of the river with your marine and shot the two pink encircled guards with your gun and dive under (your marine is on an excellent spot there, but you can never be sure enough). Then wait until the white encircled guards moves past your spy (he will walk along the white arrow) and inject him.

Time to leave

Now the sappers are down, it is time to leave. There are two guards remaining on the beach (where the green ensquared patrol is moving); live becomes easier for your marine if you do away with them. This is left as an exercise for the reader. The blue ensquared guard can be blown up by shooting the barrels (with your spy, for example). Be sure you don't get blown up yourself. The green ensquared will come to investigate; once they are marching on their track again, distract them with your spy so you can run with your marine on the beach without any trouble. Move your marine and sniper south of the escape truck, while minding the scan view of the bunker. Once they are there (crouch, because of the bunker!), join the team with your spy and get in the truck.
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