Mission 14: D-day kick off

Creating an entrance

Start rowing your boat eastwards and snipe the patrol on the beach; see this map (there are other ways to get rid of this patrol, but this is a quick one with low risk). Once they are down, row your boat to the southern border of the map, because there is another patrol nearby who will see you when they investigate the bodies of the patrol. Let this patrol shout what they want, nobody will hear them.
Now dive with your marine to the beach, near the rock and hide behind the pyramid (see here). If the patrol (yellow encircled) is north of your position, fire once so they will come to you and shoot them down (if you do it right, they will come one by one between the pyramid and the rock, because it is too small to pass with more then one person at once). This shooting may distract some of the red encircled guards and patrol; shoot them too. If they hesitate to visit you, just fire into the air. If they don't hear you, walk a little north, shoot in the air until they do hear you and get back to this position so you can shoot them down. Once all the red encircled guys are down, go back to the boat and row it to the beach, so you can unload the rest of your team (except perhaps your driver, whom you won't need unless you get hurt).

Cleansing the south beach

When your beret is on the beach, climb the rock formation and knife the guard who stands there; mind his scan view! (he is a pink ensquared dead body on this map). When all men are unloaded, row your boat to the rock formation (this will save time in the end, otherwise you have to come a long way back to get your boat). Then, dive to the beach and crawl to the point where he is now (he is green encircled). Note, that if you stop diving, your marine stands up, so maybe you'll need a scan view from a certain guard so he doesn't see you coming out of the water; then quickly crouch. Once your marine is in position, stand up and wait; this will cause a whole bunch of guards to come towards you. The exact number of guards that will come to take a look depends on two factors: The exact position where you stand up and the moment when you stand up (sometimes, a guard may see a fellow guard who is running towards you, causing him to join the under shot trick). Anyway, this is an easy way to get rid of a whole bunch of guards at once. If a guard gets in a real nasty position where he is hard to knife, you might even snipe one. In this walktrough, I assume the least number of participants of the under shot trick.
To continue the story, crawl with your beret (white encircled) to the east and knife the red encircled guard; there are a few guards further east that might see him, but once his body is on the ground, no one will complain (so don't forget to crouch!) and move the rest of your team closer by. Now comes a critical part: select the scan view of the blue encircled guard (sometimes, this one may also join the under shot trick, which makes life only far less complicated; snipe him if he does, since it is not possible to knife him without being spotted). In this walktrough, let's assume he facing northwards. Now move your beret to point X (use scan views of the blue and yellow encircled guards so you know when you must crawl and when you can run). Then, climb the naval coastal battery, using the scan view of the yellow encircled guard to time the moment when you reach the top: once on the top, immediately crouch down (if you right click your mouse when your beret is climbing, he will stop climbing, so he hangs on the wall; by doing this, you can time the moment when he reaches the top of the wall). Don't climb the wall too close to the blue encircled guard, otherwise he might still see you. Then crawl just behind the blue encircled guard and knife him when the yellow encircled guard is not looking (once his body is down, he won't see it). If you have trouble with this timing, you might even put the decoy behind the yellow encircled guard.
Now climb down again, still minding the yellow guard, and knife the yellow encircled guard, followed by the orange encircled guards. Finally, also take care of the black encircled machine gunner on the beach.

Cleansing the south-east beach

Row the boat to the next cliff with your marine and move the rest of your team to the south beach. Place a bomb in front of the first coastal battery. In the mean time you can move some bodies away, for example in front of the first coastal battery, since the beach has to be 'clean' for future cleansing.
Again, the under shot trick can be applied. Dive with your marine to the south east beach (he is white encircled on this map. The timing of disposure is a little critical, since the blue guard's scan view may not cover the whole beach. Wait until he begins marching northwards, and then let your marine step out of the water. This will bring him in the position where he is now, which leaves enough room for your beret to move around. Now wait until all the red (and blue) encircled guards hold your marine under shot. Then knife the yellow encircled machine gunner, the red encircled guards (watch out for the two on the coastal battery, since there are a few guards marching in the north who have an eye on them; once the bodies are down, they won't complain.) and finally, take care of the blue encircled guard.
Now row the boat to this beach with your marine, move the rest of your team to this beach and put a bomb in front of the second coastal battery, and put all the bodies in front of the second coastal battery; the beach must be clean for the next phase. Take care! that nobody sees you moving around, especially when you move the bodies of the two guards who were on top of the coastal battery! When your marine has parked the boat on the beach, let him dive to the north beach (he his white encircled on this map).

Cleansing the east side of the hill

Now row the boat on the south east beach and then dive your marine to the north beach, near the machine gunner (he is white encircled on this map; we come back to him later).
Have a look at this map. Move all the bodies in this area to a save place, since this is a tricky under shot trick that involves three of your men: your beret is laying down behind the rocks near the machine gunner (he is green encircled), your sniper lies a little south of this (he is yellow encircled) and to the south west, your sapper is standing (on a small green spot). Now it is important to pay attention to the patrol on the east beach (they are black encircled). You can not allow them to join the party and you'll need some time to do the job, so be sure that they just started marching northwards before you kick off. When they begin marching northwards, stand up with your sniper. He will be seen by the red encircled guard. When this guard says 'Halt', crouch down and crawl to your beret. Make sure that both your beret and your sniper are in the utter corner of the rock formation! (You can achieve this by selecting them both, walk a little west, and them let them walk to the corner; you can stand there). Now wait, until the red, the pink and the blue encircled guards take your sapper under shot. The blue encircled guard will stand close to the red ensquared machine gunner. When they are standing still, crouch down; this will cause the guards to come closer. If your beret and sniper are in the right position, the blue encircled guards will not notice them, and they will be easy targets for your beret. Then knife the red encircled machine gunner, while taking care that the white ensquared guard on the coastal battery does not see you. Snipe him (the white ensquared guard I mean), and knife the pink and red encircled guards. Quickly hide the bodies of these three guards, since the patrol will see them.
Have a look at this map. Move your beret to the point where he is standing now (he is green encircled). When the red guard turns around (and the black ensquared patrol is far away), knife him, put a decoy on point X, move his body to point Y. Now activate your decoy, which will be examined by the blue guard. Knife him, and hide the two bodies to a save place (mind that you don't get spotted while doing this!). Place a bomb to the third coastal battery with your sapper (watch out! there may still be some soldiers on the north beach who might see you, so crough when you can!)
Let's go back to the marine. When the black encircled guard turns around, harpoon the machine gunner (pink ensquared) and run to the water so you can dive there. Soon, the black encircled guard will see his body and come to investigate. When he does, come out of the water again and harpoon him too (on the same spot). While doing this, take care of the patrol on the north beach (white encircled); they should not see your footprints, because they will come to investigate and see the bodies . In some rare cases, the pink encircled guard might hear the red encircled guard say `Ein Verletzte' and come to investigate too, which will become too much for your marine to deal with; try a few times. When your marine is ready, dive him to the boat.
Now there is a small problem. Sometimes, the pink encircled sees these bodies (especially if he 'collapses' with the patrol). Therefore, you should do the next phase quickly.
Now comes a tricky bit of timing. Have a look at this map. Place a trap with your sapper (it is yellow ensquared); make sure nobody sees you. Then crawl to the point he is now (he is yellow encircled) and move your beret also into position (he is white encircled). The plan is to stand up with your sapper, so the pink encircled guard will see him. If you crouch down and crawl southwards (to the boat for example, if you don't mind leaving your trap behind), he will come to investigate and the trap will deal with him. Depending on your moment of standing up and the exact position of your sapper, the blue and or the red encircled guard may come. If one of these two joins in, you can knife them with your beret, which makes life only easier (if you are reasonably quick). If both of them join in, things might become too hot to handle. If you like to be on the safe side, you can use your sniper as a backup plan. Needless to say, you should mind the two patrols (the one on the east beach one has your sapper in long range view during a short period of their track). This walktrough assumes that you only deal with the pink encircled guard. Move any (dead) bodies to a safe place. If you dislike the unpredictability about the patrol seeing the bodies of the machine gunner and guard your marine just dealt with, there is even time to hide their bodies now (though I personally prefer to go on with the next phase).
When the red encircled guard moves westwards, knife the green encircled guard (watch out for the patrol!) and hide his body by placing a barrel over it.

Your latest trick

Have a look at this map. Your goal is to reach the roof of the barracks, for which you must climb it on the south side. Once there, the party is over for all the enemy soldiers on this part of the map.
Now place your decoy close to the barracks (it is green ensquared). Its position is crucial, since it has to attract the blue and red encircled guards in such a way that you can move behind there backs. When the patrol starts marching west, wait until the red encircled guard is close to the two small pyramids, and then activate the decoy (you don't have much time for this trick, so if you activate it too early, it will take too long before the red encircled guard gets attracted, causing the blue encircled ones to be disinterested too soon). When the blue and red encircled guards are looking at your decoy, move close to the yellow encircled guard, while paying attention to his black encircled colleague (once you're close to the coastal battery, he won't see you). Then select the scan range of the yellow encircled guard, and when it goes away from you, crawl to him, knife him and quickly crawl down again. The pink encircled guards will see his body, and might even see you; this is not a problem, as long as you don't get hurt. Now quickly crawl south to the barracks, so you can climb it (the pink encircled guard will go to investigate the body, which gives you some time). Once on the roof, shoot any soldier that come within range, including the patrol on the north beach. They cannot see you on the roof, but you can see them, so it's like shooting ducks in a pond. Simply shoot at any guard or patrol that comes into reach. Don't shoot all the barrels, since you need one of them to blow the last naval coastal battery. When German soldiers stand too close to the barracks, you cannot shoot them; wait a while until they move away.
Once the barracks are empty, come down and place a barrel near the last coastal battery (for example, place it over the yellow encircled guards' body). There may still be a few guards around who haven't come close enough to the barracks to be shot down. If you can ignore them, do so, otherwise shoot them. Now shoot the barrel and run to the boat (watch out for the patrol on the east beach). When your beret is in the boat, activate the bombs with your sapper (take care that your boat is not too near a naval coastal battery), put him into the boat and row to the boay.
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