Mission 13: David and Goliath

Entering the dock.

Run with your marine to swallow water and dive to the gate of the dock. If you do this quick enough from the start, you'll be able to pass through the gate when the first patrol boat arrives! In the meantime, climb the rock at the north from your starting position with your beret and hide east from the big box (look at this map). Now shoot in the air, and the three red encircled guards will come to you; shoot them before they shoot you! Now eliminate the blue encircled guard (you can either shoot him or knife him) with your beret and have the green encircled guard done with your marine (note, that the blue guard may see your marine there!). Then open the gate (by pulling the lever in the small house near the gate) with your marine and dive back to your men. In the meantime, also send your beret back to your men. Inflate your boat and bring all your men to the south landing spot of the main island. Mind the guards walking there.

Cleansing the dock.

Look at this map. When you arrive, run (the guards are not looking) with your beret to the spot he is now (he is white encircled), take the boat with your marine (the guards may see it and get distracted), dive to the spot where the marine is now (he is green encircled) and have the rest of your crew crouch down. When the red encircled guard walks past your beret, knife him and knife the blue one too (that should not be too difficult). If the patrol is not looking, drive the lorry with your driver in front of the parking of the Pantzer II. If your marine has arrived, let him stand up. This will cause the yellow encircled guard to take him under shot. Shoot him down, but watch out: the pink encircled guard may see this and raise the alarm on the main island; for safety reasons, you can first snipe him. Once the yellow encircled guard is down, quickly crouch, cause the orange guard will come to investigate (and his shooting range is greater!). When he is also in shooting range, shoot him, before he shoots you. If you haven't sniped the pink encircled guard, kill him now (silently!) In the meantime dive with your marine back to the southern landing place of the main island.
Now it's time to take care of the patrol. Have a look at this map. Place the trap with your sapper on the place where it is now (in the scope of the sniper) and hide (the sapper is white encircled; he will be save there). When the trap springs, snipe the two remaining soldiers of the patrol (your sniper is green encircled). This has to be done very quickly! They may say `Ein Verletzte', but they should not be allowed to raise the alarm! Now quickly crouch, because the red encircled guard will come to investigate the bodies; snipe him too. It is important that the trap is placed on such a spot that it only traps a patrol guard when they are walking northwards, so your sniper can snipe the remaining patrol guards in their backs. Otherwise, your sniper won't stand a chance. In the meantime, when your marine has arrived, inflate the boat and let your driver and sniper (if he has done all the sniper) enter the boat.
Have a look at this map. Hide your beret where he is standing now (he is green encircled). When the red encircled guard walks northwards, crawl with your sapper to spot he is now (he is white encircled). This will cause the red, the yellow and, if you wait long enough, the blue encircled guards to come and take your sapper under shot. Knife them with your beret (you can also quickly knife the red and yellow encircled guards before the blue encircled guard joins the under shot; once they are down, he is not difficult to knife anyway). Knife also the two pink encircled guards, and in the meantime, place the bomb near the oil tank with your sapper. Open the gate that gives entrance to the battleship, and knife the three guards who watch over the submarine. Run with your beret into the inflatable boat, and with your sapper near it (he still has to activate the bomb).

Finishing touch

Now get the submarine with your marine and sail it to the spot he is on this map (it is green encircled). If you fire a torpedo from here at the battleship, you have time to sail the submarine to the main exit, where you can await the coming patrol boat with your other torpedo. If the battleship is hit by the torpedo, activate the bomb with your sapper and send him in to the inflatable boat. Once the patrol boat is down, sail the submarine to the nearest by landing spot and dive with your marine to the inflatable boat. Then row, row, row your boat, gently to the boay.
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