Mission 12: Up on the roof

In this mission the `under the shot trick' works excellent.

Freeing the prisoner

Get your sniper out of his hiding place. A large number of guards will take him under shot. In the meanwhile, distract the patrol on the yard with your spy so they are facing eastwards. When the guard who patrols near your beret (he is hiding in the green encircled building) walks east wards (he is red encircled on this map, knife him and hide his body around the corner.
Now take a look at this map. All the guards that hold your sniper under shot are red encircled. First, you have to take care about the blue encircled guard, who still walks around. The white and green encircled guard might see him, so select the scan view of the white encircled guard and wait until the green guard moves westwards. Move the body to point X. The green guard will eventually see this body, so you can inject him too.
The two red encircled guards who are closest to the blue encircled guard (they are white ensquared) can be injected if you take care of the scan view of the white encircled guard (once the bodies are on the ground, they won't get noticed). Depending on the position of the green guard, you can perhaps first kill a red encircled guard, then back to the body of the blue encircled guard so you can inject the green encircled guard.
Now climb the ladder with your beret and crawl to point Y. Now run to the orange encircled guard with your spy and distract him, so he sees your beret. When he says `Halt', crouch and hide in the building. Since he doesn't see you, he will run to you. so he will be an easy prey for your spy.
The yellow encircled guard can't see your sniper, but he is looking in this direction anyway. However, a guard who walks south of him (this guard is not on this map), may see his body; just make sure he doesn't see you injecting the yellow guard. Now inject the remaining red, pink and white encircled guards (you'll know in which order by now; the pink and white encircled might see each other, so use their scan view) , but make sure the patrol in the yard, don't see the moment of injecting!
When these to guards are done, run with your sniper to ground level and run with your spy to the patrol (this takes a few climbs of ladders) and distract them so your sniper can free the prisoner. Run with your sniper and the prisoner (his short cut key is '8') to a save place on top of the roof. In the mean time, move the bodies of the guards on the east part of the roof to a good hiding place; their stack is yellow encircled on this map. When they are close to your sniper, let your spy run to the sniper (note, if you start to run with your spy too soon, the patrol may see your beret or the prisoner).

Finding the exit

Have a look at this map. If your beret has finished the movement of the bodies, let him crawl to the point he is laying now and watch the blue encircled guard (he is south of the red encircled guards) If you stand up now, one of the red encircled guards will say `Halt' and the blue encircled guard will come to take a look. When these four guards are standing crawl with your beret, so they will move closer; somewhere west, there is a guard who that views this area once in a while. By letting the four guards move a little closer, the building will provide visual cover. Now if they stand still again, inject them with your spy.
Now run with your spy westwards and distract the green encircled guard on this map so he is facing westwards. Knife the red encircled guard with your beret, move his body at point X and run back to the place where the guard was. Now stop distracting the green encircled guard, so he and the yellow encircled guard will take your beret under shot; inject them. Deal with the white and blue encircled guards later.
Have a look at this map. Select the scan view of the red encircled guard so you can inject the green encircled guard (he is already dead on this map) when he doesn't look; once the body is on the ground, he won't complain (make sure the body drops in his long range view). Now stand behind the blue encircled guard and mind about the patrol here. They don't seem to react on `Ein Verletzte', but they do mind if they see you injecting a guard. When the yellow encircled guard is close enough, and the red encircled guard is not looking, quickly inject the blue encircled guard. Now the red and yellow encircled guard will come to investigate the body; inject them before they raise the alarm. If you are luck, the white encircled guard will also come, and I even have had one occasion when the black encircled guard also came.
Now have a look at this map. You have seen the white, the pink and blue encircled guards on other maps before. First inject the blue encircled guard, minding his scan view. Then inject the pink encircled guard, but mind the the scan view of the black encircled guard on this map), watch out for the guard that is walking in the west part and the patrol. Also, if you `touch' him with your spy, he might see a body, so be careful! When he is down, you can inject the white encircled guard, followed by the red encircled guard (also watch the patrol!). In the meantime, bring the rest of your men closer by.
Look at this map. Move your beret to the point he is standing now (he is green encircled), so the red encircled guard takes you under shot; mind the patrol! if it is too near by, let your beret crouch, so you can delay the moment of `under shot' until they are gone. Now crawl away with your beret. This will cause the red encircled guard to climb the stairs and run past your spy; quickly inject him. If you do it on the right moment, the blue encircled guard will hear the red encircled guard say `Ein Verletzte', so you can inject him too. For example, if you crawl away when the blue encircled at the spot where he is now, it should work.
Now run with your spy to the patrol and distract them so the face southwards (take a look at this map. Now snipe the red encircled guard, crawl down the stairs (there is still one guard left who might see you) and run to the escape vehicle with all your sniper and prisoner. Hide the body except of the guard you just sniped at point X and run to the escape vehicle too. When the they have arrived, also run with your spy to the escape vehicle.
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