Mission 11: In the soup

In this mission, you should focus on getting the SDKFZ 231. Once you have this, everything else is simple.

Clearing the first camp.

The camp south of your starting position can be cleared silently, except for the patrol. Once all the guards have been killed here, your team can sneak behind the patrol. First, inject the guard (the red encircled one on this map) that walks around most near your starting position with your spy. Take his body and lay it down some more to the north (his body is yellow encircled on this map) and distract the red encircled guard. This guard will say 'Ein Verletzte' and walk to the body to investigate; inject him when he is near the body. The green and blue encircled guards will eventually also come to investigate; inject them too if they are near the bodies. Note, that the green encircled guard will only come if he hears another guard saying `Ein Verletzte'. If he doesn't come, either try it again while distracting the red encircled guard a little later, or find another way to get rid of him, which should not be difficult. The patrol does not see bodies within the yellow encircled area, nor does it seem to care about guard saying `Ein Verletzte'
Now have a look at this map. If you inject the red encircled guard on the spot where he is now, the patrol will not discover his body. The blue encircled guard will, so just wait until he is near the body and inject him too. Then, inject the green encircled guard (not near a corner, otherwise his body may be discovered). If the blue encircled guard, which makes quit a big track, is walking away from the red encircled to the green encircled guard, you can first inject the green encircled guard and deal with the blue encircled guard when he is investigating that body.
There are two guards near the barracks; have a look at this map. The red encircled one is walking a small track; inject him if he is closed in the corner. If he says `Spion', you can still kill him silently, but if he raises the alarm, things get bad; in other words, be quick enough. After killing him, distract the blue encircled guard so he will investigate the body and inject him too. Mind that the patrol should not be close nearby! If the patrol or the guard in the smaller camera views sees you injecting a guard at this stop, they'll come, which might be a trouble (especially the patrol.) Once the body is on the ground, they don't see anything suspicious, so just try your luck or have an eye on them. Also, hide the bodies as close as possible to the barracks; I have once had the occasion where the patrol walking in this camp observed a body here after the second time they passed this area!
There are now three guards remaining, take a look at this map. Inject the red encircled guard on a moment that the blue guard does not look at you. When the blue encircled sees the body, he will investigate it, so you can inject him too. Then quickly run to the patrol and distract them. Note, that distracting the patrol may cause it to see bodies it hasn't seen before, because you move the heads of those men in a different angle. (they will still be distracted, but when you stop distracting them, they will raise the alarm). When they are distracted, knife the green guard with your beret and hide all the three bodies. By doing this, you don't have to worry too much about the patrol, though they shouldn't be too near by when you start injecting. Now run with all your men, except your spy, to the bend in the road outside this camp and let them lay down! (have a look at the this map.)

Getting the SDKFZ 231.

Run with your spy to the patrol in dale and distract them so they are facing northwards (at least not southwards); have a look at this map. Then, select the scan view of the red encircled guard, and move your beret to the big rock (you have to use his scan view to see when you must crawl and when you can run). Place your decoy south of the rock (yellow encircled) and climb the rock formation at the east (the green beret is green encircled; if you climb it here, you won't get into trouble). Once your beret is on top, let him lay down and activate the decoy. Now your spy must stop distracting the patrol and run to the decoy. Eventually, the patrol will stand still near the decoy. If they are, shoot them down with your spy; if you are quick enough, you won't get hurt and nobody will notice it. If this is too tricky, you can also put a barrel near the decoy before you climb the rock formation.
Now knife the red encircled guard (take care, there is another guard look it at him; view his scan to time it; once the body is on the ground, it won't see it) Depending on how much the patrol will walk before going to the decoy, you may also first knife this guard and then shoot the patrol.
Once the patrol is dead, you can turn off your decoy to get rid of the irritating sound (you can pick it up later).
Have a look at this map. Run with your spy to the guard who is standing near the barracks that are close to the SDKFZ 231. (he is green encircled). In the meantime, knife the blue encircled guard with your beret (please mind the scan view of the red encircled guard) and run down the stairs to knife the red encircled guard when he is walking north of the rock (black encircled). Then distract the green encircled guard so he won't see the machine gunner (yellow encircled), knife the machine gunner with your beret, hide your beret (for example, by digging him in) and stop distracting the green encircled guard. The green encircled guard will then run to the body of the machine gunner, so when he is there, inject him with your spy.
Now put one of the bodies on the path (see here). The guard (blue encircled) who walks on the other side of the wall will run to the body, so you can inject him. Please, watch the patrol in the inner yard, since they will see the body too. Therefore, you have to move the bodies to a save place (the machine gun is good enough).
Now run with your spy to the west gate and distract the patrol there, so they are facing westwards (look on a camera view on this map)). Move your sapper, driver and sniper east of the small building in the dale (they are green encircled on this map). Let them crawl there and mind the scan view of the blue encircled guard, your men should not be moving when he sees them. Now wait until four (three of them are red encircled, one is blue encircled) guards are pointing a gun at you and then knife them down with your beret. Please, crawl until you are here, otherwise the guard who walks on the roof might see you. If you have problems with knifing the blue encircled guard, you can also snipe him. Now snipe the two guard on the roof (the one who is walking first). (There are, of course, other ways to get rid of them, but this is far most the easiest one and otherwise your sniper gets bored :-) If one, or both, of the two remaining guards sees one of their bodies (which they will only see if the see the guard at the moment of sniping), makes things event more simple: just wait until they are also on top of the roof and snipe them (if don't snipe them on the roof, the patrol who is walking in the far east part of the map will discover their bodies and raise the alarm) Now pick up your decoy with your beret, place it near the small building in the inner yard (its yellow encircled on this map). In the meanwhile, move your driver and sniper into the SDKFZ 231 and let your sapper place a bomb near the oil pump in the inner yard (he is green encircled). Then, activate your decoy, hide inside a house and wait until the red encircled guard passes you. Then get out of the house and knife him.

Finishing tough

Place a bomb in front of the barracks in the inner yard (red encircled on this map), place a bomb in the tunnel (yellow encircled on this map) and go to the oil pump near the SDKFZ 231. Take care that you don't get spotted! In the meantime, put your beret in the SDKFZ 231 and park it close to the gate in the wall, so it gets some cover from the wall. Now open the night of the prompts by letting your sapper throw a grenade on the oil pump. Now wait until a large groups of patrols runs outside and then activate your bombs. Kill the remaining soldiers with your SDKFZ 231. Take care!! If it takes too much damage, it will be destroyed! If everything is cleaned up, put your spy and sapper also in the SDKFZ 231 and drive it to the ledge (look at this map) from where you can shoot the fuel truck (`Opel Blitz') and a barrel (red encircled), so the two remaining oil pumps will explode. Note, that the fuel truck is moving sometimes, to make sure it is close enough to the oil pomp. Now head for the extraction point.
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