Mission 10 Operation Icarus
Once you have your sapper and driver inside the tank, the mission is almost done. The most difficult part is to kill some guards in the courtyard without raising the alarm.

Phase 1 Killing the first couple of soldiers

Have a look at this map. All the guards and the patrol shown in this map can be killed by gun without raising the alarm. When the patrol (red encircled) is near you, shoot once to attract it. You can kill the patrol with your machine gun. The yellow encircled guard will also be lured by this shot, so kill him too. Once the patrol and this guard have been killed, the other three guards (blue, black and white encircled) are easy targets.

Phase 2 Killing the guards in side

The four guards near the northern wall can be lured onside the wall. Have a look at this map. Dig your green beret under sand; his hiding place is green encircled. Crough with your sniper (or another man) to the point where the sniper is lying now (he is yellow encircled). When the white encircled guard is facing north (at the position he is now), stand up with your sniper. The red encircled guard will take you under shot and the blue and black encircled guard will hear the `halt', and come to take a look. The white encircled guard will see the blue encircled guard running and so he will come too. If you crough with your sniper, the red encircled guard will come to you too. Stay to the ground; these four guards will come to take you under shot ouside the wall. When they all have run over your green beret, undig him and kill them with your knife.
Sniping the guard who walks near the west gate saves a lot of trouble. Snipe him when he is south of the gate, otherwise the guard who walks on the other side of the wall will notice his body. (he is telescoped in this map. Hide with your green beret north of the west gate and when the red encircled guard turns south wards, run and knife him. Don't forget to hide his body at point X, otherwise the blue encircled guard will see the body. When the blue encircled guard turns away from your green beret, knive him too. In the mean while, sent all your men to the east gate. 
Now knife the guard who stands north-east to the guard you just killed. It was the yellow encircled guard on this map. Take care of the guard who walks south-east of him, since he will see his body. (this guard is red encircled). Hide behind the box (the green beret is green encircled) and when the red encircled comes to the body, knife him. Now, knifing the blue encircled guard is a matter of timing. In the mean time, free the pilot and sent him with your sniper in the building you have to blow up; they are save there.
The last guard that needs to be killed in this phase is the red encircled one on this map. Place your decoy north of him (it is yellow encircled) and crawl with your green beret to the walls east of him (the green beret is green encircled). Turn your decoy on and turn it off again, so it will beep only once. This will lure the red encircled guard. The blue encircled guard should not be lured! When the blue encircled guard is walking east wards, kill the red encircled and hide his body where your green beret is standing now.

Phase 3 Getting the tank and finsishing touch

When you time the blue encircled guard of the previous phase and the patrol, you can get into the tank with your driver and sapper in the tank. Sending your green beret to the tank is not a bad idea, since he'll need a hiding place soon. If you sneek just behind the patrol, you can shoot them with your tank. Now the four tanks will come. One will head north wards; deal with him later. One will wait north west of your position (the blue encircled one on this map); you can destroy it with a granate. Don't come too close to him; stand where the sapper is standing now (green encircled.) Another one will wait. Let him be for a while. The last one (red encircled) will patrol on the east side of the courtyard. You can shoot him with your own tank. Now the tank that was waiting (not the one that was heading north) comes to you. Shoot him the same way as the other one, or throw a granate at him. If you time it well, you might get him together with the blue encircled with one granate. Now shoot all the guards and patrols that come along the way and park your tank west of the barracks. Take care that the tank which is still alive does not shoot you! From this position, you can shoot the tank that is still alive. Now keep shooting at everything that is alive. Riding your tank a few yards away from the barracks enables your big gun again. Sent your sniper and pilot in the tank and put a bomb near the building (doing this in the opposite order is a bit risky.) Drive your tank northwards and shoot the machinegunners along your way. Note, you can ride over a burt out tank once the fire has stopped burning. When you can not go any further north, shoot all the patrols there. You can also the left most airplane you have to blow up. While shooting patrols, sent your green beret out and place a barrel near the other airplane and blow it up. Between shooting patrols, you can also sent all your men except your driver in the escape airplane. When the last patrol has been shot down, sent your driver in the escape airplane.
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