Mission 6 `Menace of the Leopold'

Phase 1 Clearing the first building

To south of your starting position there is a guard walking. When the game starts, you can knife him on the run. Now, run to the east side of the building (near the ladder) with all your men, place the decoy and run with your green beret to the west side of the building and activate your decoy. Now, your sniper and sapper will be taken under shot by several guards; have a look here. When the white encircled guard just turns eastwards, climb the wall, knife the red, then the blue and finally the yellow encircled guard. When the white encricled guard comes back, he will discover the body of his blue encircled comrade and run to him. When he has turned your back to your beret, you can knife him. Now you can knife the black encircled guard, the guard whose scan range is sellected and the red ensquared guard. The blue ensquared guard requires some timing, but he can be knifed too (you can crawl to the stairs and run it down on the right moment). On the otherside of the barbwire there is still a guard; you can shoot him from behind when you climb back to the west side of the building.

Phase 2 Preparing the cleansing of the courtyard

Sent all your men to the north side of the rocks that are to south-west of the building you just cleared. Fire a shot and kill the two guards there who will come to you (just have a look here.) Put a bomb in the path of the SDK half track [b] (take a look here) and hide with all your men at the north-west of the most northern tent. When the SDK is near your bomb, detonate it [a]. The explosion will attract a patrol and several guards; don't let them return to their posts! Only one guard prefents you from entering the courtyard onseen; the one that stands upon the roof of the building in the south of the map. You can (and must, because you can not climb the building) snipe him; see here. (Note, that when you snipe him while he is seen by another soldier, that soldier will raise the alarm! So, snipe him when is not seen, because once his body has dropped to the ground, he can not be seen from a lower spot.)

Phase 3 Cleansing the courtyard

The courtyard can easily be cleaned by the `under shot' trick. Crawl with your green beret to the wall north of the barracks. Crawl with your sniper to the centre of the courtyard; take a look here. When your green beret has arrived, stand with your sniper. Not only will the guard east of the barracks take your sniper under shot, but the guard who stands near the train will do it as well! Now, you can knife them with your green beret. Don't run too enthousiasty around in this area, because there is still a guard to the north who might see you.

Phase 3 Finishing touch

There are still some guards to the north of the courtyard and in the building at the east side of your map who need to be killed. The three guard immediatly to the north can be killed by your green beret; take a look here. Just crawl behind the red encircled guard with your green beret; when the yellow encircled guard turns north wards, knife the red, the blue and the yellow encircled guard. Take care of the scan range that is selected. The next things to do are independent, so if you have to wait in order to time something, you might perhaps do something else with another commando.

Sent your sapper to the gun (climb the ladder) and place your final bomb (if he gets spotted, you have to do some timing) and go to the northern barracks.

Your green beret must knife the guards near the northern barracks; take a look here. When the blue encircled guard turns south-east wards, knife his red encircled comrade and hide his body behind the wall. When the blue encircled guard turns south-east ward again, you can knife him on the run (perhaps you might select his scan range and crawl towards him as far as possible). Don't forget to knife the yellow encircled.

Sent your sniper to climb the ladder of the most east building. Perhaps he will be taken under shot, but don't care about that too much. When he has arrived, snipe three guards there. (note, that you can even snipe a guard that is taking you under shot!); see here. Note, that the red encircled guard will see the body of the one which takes you under shot, so a little timing is required.

When you have done all above, knife the machine gunner, sent all your men to his body, detonate your final bomb, wait for the escape vehicle and get away.

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