Mission 7 `Chase of the wolves'

In this mission, your team has been divided into two groups: your sapper, driver and spy are near `the main camp' (near the submarines) and your green beret and marine are at the north of the map. Your main focus should be on the main camp, since there are a lot of things to be done there. Your green beret and marine must `fight' a way to the escape boat, but this job is not so difficult, cause you can shoot the first part.

So, this walkthrough consists of three parts: part 1 describes how to clean the main camp, part 2 describes how to get the escape boat and part 3 describes how to `finishing touch'. Part 3 assumes you have completed part 1 and 2. Part 1 and part 2 can be done independently. You should focus on part 1, and if you have to wait there (eg. to time the patrol in the main camp), you should complete a (sub-)step of part2.

Part 1 Clearing the main camp

Step 1.1 Getting some stuff

If you select your spy and double click on the handle of the uniform when the game has justed started, your spy will run to it, just sneak behind the guard there, and put it on. In the mean time, select your sapper and double click on `the dropped bomb' (somewhere to the north of your starting position). If you got it, run and hide near the house to the right of the gate; hide your driver there as well. When your spy has put on the uniform, run to the north and distract the patrol there for a moment, otherwise they will notice the footprints in the snow which your sapper just made and come to take a look. When these footprints have been disappeared, run back to the main camp.

Step 1.2 Killing the guards

Note, that while killing the guards, you should pay attention the the patrol who walks in the main camp. When they are too close, wait and in the meantime, complete a (sub-)step of part 2.

The guard who walks near the clothesline (where you got your uniform) can easily be injected. When you lay his body to the east corner of the barracks (take a look here), the guard who walks to the east of the construction in the centre of the main camp (that strange building the rails is leading to) will discover him and come to take a look; just inject him too before he raises the alarm. Hide the bodies in the corner of the west wall and the barracks (where the black arrow is pointing at on this map).

Now it is time to get rid of the two guard who are standing south of the strange building. Put a body of one of the guards you just killed to the east of the barracks and let your sapper put a man-trap [j] between the body and one of the guards; just take a look here. Then, hide your sapper. Now it is time to have a nice chat with these guards, preferable the most west one. He will see his dead comrade, shout `Ein Verletzte', which will also get the attention of the guard east of him. So, both these guards will run towards the body to investigate; one of them will be killed by the trap and the other one has to be killed with your spy (with an injection, ofcourse). Now, hide all the guards where you hid them before (otherwise, the patrol will mess up).

Now, there are two guards left: one in the east of the camp and one in the south (between the two cannons). Both these guards are easy targets; kill the one in the east first and hide his body (note, you can walk between the strange building and the wall). Now, when the patrol has just walked past the remaning guard, kill him (take care of the scan range of the cannon) and hide his body. Then quickly distract the patrol, preferable to the east of the strange building (have a look at the right-upper view here).

Step 1.3 Finishing the main camp

When the patrol has been distracted, climb into the SDK-half track with your driver and park it just to the north of the west-most cannon. You'll be save here for the cannons; you are too close to the west-most cannon and too far from the east-most cannon, so they can not shoot you. Now, let your sapper place a bomb near the barracks and hide quickly in the SDK-half track; take a look here. Kill every patrol/guard with the SDK-half track, but remember: don't move it, since this will probably place it within the range of on of the cannons. When there are no more patrols or guards coming, you can kill the man in the west-most cannon with your spy; just run and stand behind him, and shoot. Blow-up the other cannon with a bomb.

Part 2 Getting your escape boat

Step 2.1 Shooting time

Take a look here; when you fire a shot to the east of the rocks, the two guards and the patrol there will come to take a look. If you shoot them fast enough, you won't catch a single shot. Just experiment to see what is the right time/position to start the fire.

Take a look here; Run to the east of the building south of you; fire a shot (to the west) and the two guards on the other side of the building will come to take a look......:)

Step 2.2 Killing the rest

To the west of the small building (which is to the west of the building where you are standing) stands another guard (facing westwards); select his scan-range and knife him.

Have a look here; To the south of you is a building, and to the south of this building, there is a guard standing (facing south-wards) and a patrol walking. Select the scan range of the guard and when the patrol just walks passed him in the west-direction, knife him (minding his scan range), put your decoy there and hide his body (near the guard you just killed before). Now, turn on your decoy and when the parol is paying only attention to it, run with your marine behind them and kill the rear-soldier with your harpoon and then knife the remaining sergant. This is a way to kill a patrol silently, which will be known as the `decoy-harpoon'-trick; take a look here. Now, somewhere to the south-east of your marine, there is a guard standing at the end of a platform. Send your marine to him to kill him, and when ready, send your marine to the escape boat.

In the mean while, your green beret can get rid of the patrol who walks near the lighthouse (to the west of your position). Pick up your decoy and hide behind the corner of the wall, and when the patrol is walking towards the lighthouse, put your decoy to the wall which runs in the south-west/north-east direction; just take a look here. Turn it on, run a little distance to the east and dig your green beret in the snow. When the patrol is paying only attention to your decoy, dig your green beret out, stand behind the right-most soldier and shoot the left-most soldier. Then quickly shoot the right-most soldier and finally shoot the sergant.

Part 3 Finishing touch

Send your green beret to the escape boat and then row it (with your marine) between the two submarines. Note, that this boat is more difficult to steer than your inflatable boat! Get the rest of your men into the boat, row it to the platform east of the two submarines and unload your sapper. Put a bomb on each submarine (near the torpedoes) and get into the boat. Row to your escape point.
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