Mission 8 `Pyrotechnics'

Part 1: Clearing the upper half
The upper half can be easily cleared by shooting. This will cause many patrols to pop out of the barracks in the lower half (the one with the guard on top), but if you are at the right position, you can handle them. This tactic will be known as the `shoot a barracks empty' tactic. There are several things you must ask yourself when you consider this tactic:
1. This tactic always raises the alarm. There are missions where raising the alarm means ending the mission. However, sometimes the alarm is only raised in a particular area which might not mean ending the mission;
2. You must have a position where you can take cover to shoot the patrols. In a good covering position, one man can kill all the patrols;
3. Once a barracks has been emptied, you can shoot almost everything in its neighbourhood without any bad consequences;
4. Using `quick save' and `quick load' might be helpful;
5. Shooting large amounts of patrols takes time. You must ask yourself whether using this tactic gives you a real time-benefit. Shooting a baracks empty to be able to kill two guards who could easily be killed quietly is like killing a fly with a shot gun.
Start shooting the guard east of you (the red encircled one on this map.) You can either lure him with one shot or shoot him from behind. After shooting him, the yellow and blue encircled guards will come to you, so shoot them. Then wait until the white encircled guards turns your back towards you and shoot him. If all has gone well, the first patrol is about to arive. Hide behind the wall south of you (point X on this map) and shoot them at point Y on this map. Now, the patrols keep coming for a while, and maybe some additional guards too. The squared guards and the purple encircled guard will not come, so you can deal with them later. Quicksaving between shooting some patrols is not a bad idea. Between killing patrols, you have time left to shoot the purple encircled guard from behind between. (The wall east of him is low enough to shoot.)
There will be a moment that the patrols don't come anymore; this means you have emptied the first barracks. Now kill the red and blue squared guards. Before you kill the yellow squared guard, first snipe the guard that is telescoped on this map. Then shoot the yellow squared guard on this map (which happens to be the same guy as the red encircled on this map.) Shooting this guy will probably lure the remaining guards of the upper half, so you can shoot them too (if not, well, by now they are an easy target.)
Now, put a barrel behind the cannon (see here.) Note that the red encircled guard on (this) map will come to you when you shoot the barrel. During on of the times I played this mission, blowing up this cannon meant raising the alarm so that the other baracks would release its patrols. On its own, this should not pose a threat, but it is not time efficient. When you shoot the barrel, the red encircled guard and some other guards from the lower half will come; hide on point X so you can shoot them with both your men at point Y of this map.

Part 2: Clearing the lower half
This part can almost completely done by the `under shot trick'. It takes a few preparations. First, snipe the guard that walks in the west, north of the oil barrels; see upper right view at this map. The upper left view of this map shows the position of your sniper. If the yellow incircled guard (lower right view at this map) still is alive, you can lure him by standing with your sniper at the previous sniping position. When he notices you, crawl to a cover area and he will come to the upper half. Remove all the bodies from the brim of the clif (the blue encircled ones in the upper left and lower left view of this map), otherwise, the under shot trick will not work. The red encricled guard in the upper right view of this map can easily be killed with a knife. Hide his body behind the oil barrel (where you just sniped his comrade). You should also snipe the guard that stands on the roof of the central barracks.

Now it is time to get your sniper in the under shot position; see upper left view of this map. Just crawl to that position and stand up. Wait until all the guards join the fun. The guard in the left middle view of this map sometimes does and sometimes does not join the fun, depending whether he hears a `halt, wie ist da' from a comrade or not. He can easily been knifed when his comrades are watching your sniper. O, I almost forgot, there are still two guards near the tents in the west. If needed, you can get rid of them by placing your decoy west of the tents, then hide east of the tents and active your decoy. The `west' guard shall turn around, so you can knife the `east' guard (select his scan range), followed by the `west' guard.

Now it's time to knife all the guards that keep your sniper under shot, except for the blue encircled in the upper right view on this map; you have to snipe this one when all the others have been knived.

Part 2: Finishing touch
Now you have to place some barrels in their right position; look at this map. Shooting the telescoped barrel will blow up everything else. Before shooting this, it may be wise to kill the remaining machine gunner.
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