Mission 1 `Baptism of fire'

The [orange text] between two squared brackets are the short cut keys and mouse commands you should use. In this first mission, this feature is used heavily, so you can get used to them.

Phase 1 Clear the south-west part

You have to use your green beret [1]. Run to the walls west of him (take a look  here), [aim mouse, double click] , shoot [g, click] once to attract the guard who is walking at the west part of your map and kill him with your gun [aim mouse, single click three times] .

Climb over the wall (make sure the patrol does not see you;  take a look  here  ) and knife [x] the guard at the other side of the wall. Then run to the dock (mark X at this map). (Or, if the patrol is about to see you, crouch [c]).

Use your driver [5] with his machine gun to kill the patrol. When the patrol walks near the car, run [aim mouse, double click] to the other side of the car (take a look here). When they turn around, they'll notice the dead body of the guard you knifed with your green beret soon enough. When they run past you, run [aim mouse, double click]  to some spot near them and kill them with your machine gun [m, aim mouse, click] take a look  here.  Then, run to the dock and wait with your green beret until your marine has caught the boat.

Phase 2 Get the boat

Use your marine [3]. Run [aim mouse, double click] forward and hide behind the rock in front of you. Fire a shot [g, click] and shoot [aim mouse, single click three times] the guard who will come to take a look (take a look here. ) Further to the north, there is another rock where you can hide. Run [aim mouse, double click] to that spot, fire a shot[g, click] and shoot [aim mouse, single click three times] the two guards who will come to take a look (take a look here.) Get the boat [h, aim boat, double click], dive [go to shallow water, d] and go to the dock where your green beret and driver are waiting. Go to shallow water, surface [d] and inflate [t] your boat. Select all your men [draw a box around them while holding your right mouse button] and send them in the boat [aim boat, double click].

Phase 3 Land your man and `finishing touch'

Use your marine [3] to row your boat the northern island (stay at the west side; take a look at  this map. ) Unload your driver [5, press photograph on backpack]. Do the same for your green beret [1]. Run with your driver [5, double click] and hide on the south end of the barracks. (take a look  here.) Wait until the patrol walks past you and shoot them down with your machine gun [m, aim mouse, click]. Use your green beret [1] to kill the machine gunner [x, aim, double click] get a barrel [h, aim, double click] put it near the relay station (point X at  this map ) [aim, click, wait until he arrives with barrel, right mouse] run [aim, double click] to a safe distance (point Y at  this map ) and shoot [g, aim, click] the barrel.
If I spoiled your fun, I suggest you another challenge: do this mission, while killing only two soldiers.
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